Very Important Thing.

Hey followers! Please please please go and vote on this, when it comes up vote on the photo with the wheelchair and the bright neon yellow nike trainers.

It’s not often I ask anyone to really do anything like this but trust me guys, THIS IS IMPORTANT AND YOU NEED TO VOTE.

Also reblogging and getting this further out into the tumblrverse would be nice.



We are participating in a contest to win some money to upgrade M’s wheelchair so she can practice more sports and generally be more comfortable.

Anyone who wants to help us win please visit this link and vote!!

We have 132 votes at the moment, the person in first place has 1.4 K.

But the power of tumblr is infinite, so please help?!


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Take It Slow photographed by Stella Berkofsky.

Take It Slow photographed by Stella Berkofsky.

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thecaptainsoiree tagged me in this damn six selfies thing…

So yeah here you are, I’m supposed to tag someone else to do this but I’d rather just ask each and everyone of you to do it. Mostly I’d like anyone who I follow and also follows me to do this.
I know selfies are a thing that some people don’t like to do but hey, let’s put some face to those url’s and show everyone how beautiful and amazing the people of tumblr are.
I know that we know that we’re all amazing but the rest of the internet just thinks we’re just fandom’s and meme’s.

*edit* I know there is seven selfies! I added the fisheye one as an afterthought and then forgot to remove another… Yes I’m an idiot.

Urgh. Need to live nearer the shop.

Hello mr blue sky.

Hello mr blue sky.

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